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AirVid Pro

4.99 usd

Unofficial Android client for Air Video Server (it is not for AVS HD) You need external player to play movies and it does work while you are on 3G or Wi-Fi networks.You can play movies from Air Video Server on TV's or other DLNA/UPNP compatible devices.Please, be aware that it does not work with the new Air Video Server HD!Before you buy it, please try the free version at or access your server remotely you need to know its external IP address.If you don't know the external IP address of you server, you might use from any computer in your netweork.If you already know the external IP address of your server, you can try to access it, there is a possibility it will connect to it.Open the drawer on the left side of the application window with the servers, in the menu at the right top corner choose "Add Server".- Set any name that you would like to identify the server in question, then set the IP address- Don't change the port if you have not changed it in the AirVideo Server Settings. If you by any chance changed the port of the Server, then here is the place to set it.- After you fill out all the details, confirm the new Server settings by pressing "OK" button.- Once the Server's Settings were added, you can choose it and start using it.